The Complete Token Generation Event Solution.

Deliver a class-leading TGE, with the SmartOne Foundation LEGAL SERVICES, TGE STANDARDS, ACCREDITED MEMBERS
PRODUCE a Structured and Efficient TGE.
ENSURE Regulatory Compliance.
PREPARE your TGE for External Assessment.
MINIMIZE Risk for you and your Investors.
DISCOVER industry-leading support.
REMOVE the Legal, Technical & Financial headaches.


Accredited Members

Legal Partner

Accredited Legal Partners will be able to advise on applicable legislation, contractual requirements, token sale terms, TGE category, engagement with regulators and appropriate privacy polices, all tailor-made to YOUR TGE, for YOUR business in YOUR markets.

Technical Partner (General, KYC/AML,TGE Service Delivery, Operations)

Token Generating Events by their very nature require technical expertise not only in the delivery of the ERC-20 Smart Contract, but to support legal distribution of tokens across multiple jurisdictions. Accredited Technical Partners can support this, including Know Your Customer (KYC) services, Anti-Money Laundering services and onward delivery to Transfer Agents where required. Technical Partners are also certified to advise on data security and privacy, ensuring smooth, efficient and secure operations to support your TGE.

Regulatory Intermediary Partner (RIP)

An Accredited RIP is your gateway to meeting TGE Regulator requirements. As an intermediator holding relevant intermediary licenses, they will be able to liaise with appropriate Regulators, operate the KYC process for your TGE and ensure that the correct information is collected to meet regulatory demands.

Financial Institution Partner (FIP)

A Smartone Accredited Financial Institution Partner will be the key to gathering funds from your investors in exchange for your tokens. Approved by the Regulatory Intermediary Partner, your FIP will be responsible for provisioning all bank accounts, including an escrow bank account, and developing access procedures for these accounts.

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Accredited Members Directory

Horizon Globex

Technical Partner
  • Tokenization One Stop Shop
  • KYC/AML regulatory aligned solutions
  • Primary issuance and compliant secondary trading solutions

Crypto Consulting AG

Regulatory Intermediary Partner
  • Execution of Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offerings
  • Know your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Services
  • Member of Self-Regulation Organization VQF

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