Legal solutions for the crypto community

About the Project

SmartOne aims to bring the disruptive capabilities of blockchain-based enterprise to the legal sector by creating a means of access to legal services for the crypto community.

Access to these services will be gained through ownership of blockchain-based LEGAL tokens that will initially be issued through a Token Generating Event (TGE/ICO), beginning of 30th of October 2017.

SmartOne’s services include a marketplace for legal advice, automated document preparation and individual legal consulting. Our focus is on providing legal solutions for enterprises issuing tokens through TGEs, as well as the automation of documents and contracts for the financial and capital markets.

Providing legal services, we also aim to become the legal voice for the crypto community by undertaking research and development, publishing articles and entering into dialogue with regulators.

SmartOne is itself a community, designed and built by a team of legal and technical experts based in ‘Crypto Valley’, Zug, Switzerland, birthplace of some of the world’s first (non-Bitcoin) crypto currencies, like Ethereum.

Our Solution

Marketplacedevelop community of crypto-aware legal experts
Automation digitalisation and automation of legal processes
Legal Consulting implementation and analysis of TGEs


August 2017Legal community platform launch
September 2017Opening of Crypto legaltech lab in Zug
October 2017Legal solutions of TGEs available on our marketplace and automation platform (e.g. white paper analysis, Howey test)
December 2017Additional legal products (e.g. tax advice, regulation & compliance, property protection)
Q1 2018KYC Automation
Q2 2018Open source crowdfunding platform
Q3 2018Automation of processes, legal documents and contracts for the financial and captal markets
Q4 2018Classification and rating model of token
2019Extend the marketplace to consumers with our legal app
Date (TBC)Legal solutions for the financial services industry, crypto banking

SmartOne Ecosystem

As well as creating access to legal services, the SmartOne Foundation serves as an umbrella organization for the promotion of projects and R&D activities connected with the SmartOne protocol. We help the Crypto community in legal matters and provide legal assistance to TGE organizers and financial institutions.

As the comprehensive provider of legal solutions to the blockchain market, we will invest significantly in R&D, legal publications, and regulatory dialogue.

Token Launch / TGE

The LEGAL token lies at the heart of the SmartOne ecosystem. Its main role consists in the embodiment of a right: The right to membership of the ecosystem.

Alongside membership, the LEGAL token also serves as a license to use the SmartOne protocols. These enable token holders to access legal services, including the common regulatory requirements of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, through blockchain technology.

Only registered users will have membership status and thus benefit from these advantages.


Token launch date 30th October 2017
Name of token LEGAL (abbreviation: LGL)
Token supply and cap 13’000’000 LEGAL available for Public Token Launch
Maximum Issuance 20’000’000 LEGAL
Platform Ethereum ERC 20 Standard
Browser wallets Parity / MyEtherwallet / MetaMask
Currency Ether (ETH)
Duration Maximum 14 days
Verification types SMS (on-chain)
Verification benefits Access to phase 1 contribution period and bonus program
Bonus program Minimum 10% bonus for verified accounts
Reward system Additionally 1% of new LGL tokens will be generated per year
Fixing 1 LEGAL = 0.004 ETH (will be refixed before TGE)
Listing Bittrex or/and additional exchanges
Audit Grant Thornton Switzerland / Liechtenstein


Once the SmartOne TGE is complete, our focus will move to providing the tools needed to facilitate and implement successful third party TGEs.

Within the SmartOne marketplace, third parties will be able to select the experts they need to help them take their blockchain ideas through to TGE completion.

Initially, support will focus on the creation of white papers and the legal assessment of tokens in preparation for TGEs. From December onwards, we envisage that the expertise available on the SmartOne marketplace will also include tax, regulation, compliance and token security.

Following the successful implementation of the SmartOne marketplace, attention will turn to the expansion of the SmartOne protocol.

Founders​ ​/​ ​Foundation​ ​Council

Prof. Thomas Fischer

Foundation Council President

Klaus D. Stark

Foundation Council

Patrick Salm

Foundation Council

Reto Stiffler

Foundation Council


Christian Kläy

Law and Regulation Lead

Marco Oesch

Technical Lead

Mario Colombo

Technical Marketing Lead

Luke Szkudlarek

Digital Strategy Lead

David Fariña

Design, Web & Application Development

Samuel Dionne

Communications Officer

Advisory​ ​Board​ ​Members

Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas

Research & Education Advisor

Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler

Risk & Financial Institutions Advisor

Toni Caradonna

Smart Contract Expert & Advisor


Additionally, there are multiple content and links available:

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